Is Marijuana Bad for You

Topics: Cannabis, Hemp, Drug addiction Pages: 2 (838 words) Published: October 11, 2011
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Is Marijuana bad for you? Is it good? This is a question constantly brought up in the world we live in today. A lot of people believe that marijuana is not bad for you. Talking to many marijuana users their answers are alike. They all reply saying that marijuana makes them a better person, more open-minded, and you appreciate the little things in life. Marijuana is like alcohol, a depressant, but the physical side effects of marijuana are not harmful to your body and others like alcohol is. Research and tests recently completed will support the idea that marijuana is not a harmful substance. In order for a 160 lb. person to get THC poisoning they would have to smoke around 900 joints in a sitting for it to be a lethal dose. So the likely hood of someone dying because of marijuana use is slim to none. What is Marijuana? It is a mixture of dried and shredded leaves that can be brown, green, or grayish. These leaves also with the stem and seeds you may find in marijuana come from the Hemp plant. Marijuana is illegal in many countries because of the fact it is treated like a drug. It can be smoked or eaten, but the purpose in which it is done is either illegal or for a medical cure. Marijuana is illegal and is considered a schedule 1 substance under the Controlled Substance Act. This means that it should not have a medical use and people who use the drug are risking abusing the drug. Individuals of all ages smoke Marijuana. It is the most known and used drug in the world today. Surveys show that around 41% of all Americans have used marijuana at least once during their lifetime. And that about half of today’s high school students have used the drug before. 15.2 million past-month users have used marijuana according to the 2008 National Survey on Drug use and health. Marijuana is smoked by a joint, blunt, or out of a bong. When inhaled into the body it gets into your blood stream and goes to all the major organs and brain therefore creating...
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