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IBAT College Dublin
Assignment : IS Management 2

Roberto Carlos Da Silva

01 /03 /2013


I thank God, for you are with me always in difficulties and joys of my life, and for special people on my way.
I thank to my parents for my education, for making me believe, that it is possible to overcome.
I thank to my Mentor Mark Dean of Ibat College, that conveys your knowledge with great gratitude, thank you very much.

"In the great battles of life, the first step to victory is the desire to win!" (Mahtama Gandhi)

Table of Contents

Background of IBATCorp4
Business of IBATCorp4
Analysis of IBATCorp problem4
Proposed Solution5


In the competitive world we live in, have effective planning in companies is increasingly important, since an inefficient planning can undermine an entire corporation, maximizing the costs already budgeted and causing delays in the delivery of the final product to the customer, which contributes negatively to the company's image. Background of IBATCorp

IBATCorp is an Irish based company which has founded in 1975, its corporate headquarters is in Dublin, Ireland, and employs more than 1300 staff across 5 different countries. Business of IBATCorp

IBATCorp`S business is in the printing & packaging industry and is the approved supplier to some of the biggest international companies in the fast food industry. Analysis of IBATCorp problem

* Inability to Access and share Information
* Inefficient Communication between regional sales Managers and sales , as well as between regional offices and processing plants. * Inefficient Ordering Process
* The order process is slow and inefficient
* Long cycle time, lead time
* Inability to assess Performance of Sales Force and Products * Lack of important decision-related reports for managers * Website is not Useful for Clients of Company

Proposed Solution

* Enterprise Software (ERP)
* Customer relationship management (CRM)
* Mobile Cloud Technologies
* New e-Business \model

1) Problem: Until June 2006, the company had never an IT department and relied on separate PC`s using MS Office to facilitate a lot of the work duties of staff. * The problem are in “ the lack of an IT department “. Information technology covers a range of products hardware and software able to collect, store, process and access numbers and images, which are used to control equipment and processes work and connect people, functions and offices within companies and among them (WALTON, 1993). Information technology is considered relevant to organizations because: innovation provides many products and services made ​​possible the emergence of considerable capacity within organizations such as: online delivery of information, electronic access to services; ability to seek and obtain specific services; payment and electronic submission of accounts and ability to use multiple software, without having to feedback data (ALBERTIN, 2000). Before the beneficial of this technology, companies that do not implement this service, not remained for long in the market because it requires competitiveness. Solution - I recommend implement a system Sap ERP / IT in the company. Through this technology the company will acquire connectivity capability, productivity, and profitability and also increase its competitive potential that IT innovation allows. Through the SAP ERP, the company goes solve the problem of lack of competitiveness that was missing, and going to be more competitive in the market in its follow-up. Figure 1 -System SAP ERP / IT

2) Problem : The company currently has a single mainframe computer at corporate headquarters which maintains most of the major business databases. * The problem are in the “ shortage of...
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