Is Love Really Worth All the Effort?

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  • Published : May 2, 2009
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Tan Kabra
April 14, 2009
Jensen Clark B1

Is Love Really Worth All The Effort?

There are plenty of fish in the deep blue sea, but there is only one which is right for you. “A relationship takes work, understanding, compromises, flexibility, forgiveness, good communication and much more” (Ariala) for it to really work. Time is endlessly spent doing just the right things to guide it in, but in the end, is it really worth all the trouble? Studies show that love is one main cause of mental stress, so do you really want to go around with that? Some say that love is a simple and happy feeling, while others say that “[l]ove is ecstasy and torment, freedom and slavery” (Gray). When people encounter the two most common types of struggles found in love, one may argue that it indeed is ecstasy, torment, freedom, and slavery. But aside from that, in the end, is love really worth the emotional and physical challenges that are presented so often?

In the emotional aspect of love, one does not often see the emotional struggles that lie in wait for the victim of this unconditional feeling. One can argue that “[p]hysical attraction will never last a lifetime, but emotional attraction does” (Danfad) with much support. The physical appearance of someone may be a factor that helps you see another positive thing in a person, and an emotional relationship begins, maybe based on both physical and emotional aspects; however over time appearances change, but the emotional bond which was created in the beginning remains. With this, unfortunately, comes hurt and there is much hurt involved in love, especially with people that are new to it. One may ask why love hurts. However, it is not love that hurts one, but merely the absence of mutual love that is painful. Love is not logical or reasonable. It is a bond between two people that each in turn loves each other. One might love another, but not realize that the significant other does not reciprocate this feeling and therefore it...
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