Is Lottery a Good Idea?

Topics: Lottery, Thought, Money Pages: 2 (555 words) Published: March 9, 2013
Is Lottery a Good Idea? Many people around the world want to try their luck and like challenges in life. For that reason, they usually buy lottery tickets. They think they can become millionaires after they buy a lottery ticket which is just $2 or $10. Some think they just spend a little money on buying lottery tickets, so it doesn’t affect their living expenses. Almost all people think a lottery cannot make them addicted. Although lottery brings a lot of money for the government to make more benefits for society, it isn’t a good way for people to become rich. Almost all people who buy lottery tickets hope they can become millionaires. They want to try their luck; even if their chance of winning is very little. Maybe they know that it is very difficult for them to win, but they think the price of trying is very insignificant. Actually, they are wasting their money on an impossible thing. Only one person can win the prize while millions of people buy lottery tickets. So, buying lottery tickets are not a good way to become a millionaire. In addition, people think buying lottery tickets doesn’t affect their living expenses. For example, the price of a lottery ticket is just $2 or $10. If a person buys a few tickets a month, it isn’t an issue. Buy when he buys a few tickets a day, it becomes a complex issue now. He spent a lot of money on buying lottery tickets. With that amount of money, he can buy a new toy for your children or just simple buy some extra food for their family. There are a lot of poor people outside who need help. Their living expense for a month maybe only equal to the amount of money a person spend on lottery tickets. Therefore, let think carefully how can use money more efficiently. Finally, lottery tickets can make a person addicted. In the beginning, people buy lottery tickets just for fun. The next day, they think maybe luck will smile on them. It is the main reason

that they keep buying lottery tickets day after day. Because of their...
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