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  • Published : March 5, 2013
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Assignment 1

Learning Objective:
• Extraction of relevant data of the company
• Understanding the key performance measurements. • Analyzing the impact of cash flows.
• Reasoning the pattern and trend.
The content:
1. Download data from Prowess for last 5 years on any one company listed above: – Consolidated Balance Sheet, Consolidated Profit and Loss and Consolidated Cash Flow statements The companies that could be chosen are given below. There may be overlap but you are supposed to work on these individually.  i. NTPC

ii. BHEL
iii. Tata Power
iv. Engineers India Limited
v. TCS
vi. HUL
vii. Maruti
viii. Pantaloon Retail
ix. Jet Airways
x. Apollo Hospitals
xi. ONGC
xii. Shopper’s Stop.
2. Calculate all Ratios.
3. Analyze and comment on the cash flow and what you can derive from looking at cash from operating, investing and financing activities 4. Analyze and give reasoning for trends in ratios. 
• You will be using the same company to continue your analysis on other areas as well. Each student has to work on this individually. Criteria for evaluation:
• Accuracy of data 5
• Analysis and interpretation. 15
• Format and presentation 5
Total 25

Guidelines of the Project

• Cover page (name of the student, name of the faculty, registration number, name of the company).

• Introduction - Brief about the company and the sector, brief about the industry, share holding pattern of the company.

• The points 1,4 on the assignment above..

• Summary and Conclusion.

• Font size 12, Times New Roman and headings in Block letters. Word count 2000-3000.
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