Is Leadership Born Naturally

Topics: Learning, Skill, Napoleon I of France Pages: 2 (462 words) Published: March 5, 2013
Do you agree or disagree the following statement: Talented people’s leadership is born naturally and can’t be learned by people?

  An outstanding skill of being a leader is pursued by most people. However, not all of those people could achieve a certain level. Talented people’s leadership, I believe, is almost impossible to learn.

  There are plenty of characters of a gifted person. I am thinking here, for example, the high intellectual level, fast reaction to complex situation and the ability to process multiple tasks simultaneously. When it comes to leadership, these qualities are very closely tied up with it and a less than brilliant mind has almost the least possibility to simply learn. I am taking Napoleon Bonaparte as an example here. As an extremely ambitious conqueror, his expansion basically made himself the common enemy, or the nightmare if you like, of all of the European monarchs. He managed to reign over the Continent for more than a decade, not only through a series of startling military triumph against those well-armed Prussian, Austrian and Russian warring machines, but also through launching a far more advanced political system of which nobody could possibly imagined at the moment. The political situation was so complicated that barely anybody in history would handle it so successfully. His nephew, Luis Bonaparte was a typical example. This second-rated mind had no common feature as his uncle but shared the same family name. All he had done was to imitate the way Napoleon had planned. But this led to a hilariously ugly ending, with his being captured by those angry Germans, leaving behind thousands of unnecessary death of his fellow Frenchmen.

  Also talented people’s leadership not only is simple case of a static status but also refers to the entire development of leadership. The mobility of those fast learners is mostly impossible to learn. I was in an outdoor sport club. My team leader demonstrated me an amazing ability in...
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