Is Jay Gatsby a Moral Character?

Topics: Morality, Gang, Chris Farlowe Pages: 2 (550 words) Published: February 27, 2009
Is Jay Gatsby a moral character?

I think Jay Gatsby is not a moral character. I think so, because Gatsby uses people. He also lies about his past, his parents, and his life. He makes illegal money and hangs out with gangsters. This shows that Gatsby is not trustworthy. This also shows that Gatsby makes immoral choices.

My first reason is that Gatsby uses people. I think so, because when Nick first saw Gatsby, while returning from Tom’s house Gatsby was in the shadows, and was looking at Nick like he hates him. After that Gatsby suddenly starts inviting Nick to his parties and starts trying to be friends with Nick. Jordan tells Nick that “He wanted to know” continued Jordan “if you’ll invite Daisy to your house some afternoon and then let him come over” (pg: 78). This proves that Gatsby isn’t Nick’s friend at all; if Gatsby was really Nick’s friend then he would at least have the courage to ask Nick himself. Also if Gatsby really was Nick’s friend then what is he afraid of that he can’t ask Nick himself, I am pretty sure Nick would have said yes anyway.

Gatsby lies about his life, his parents, and his past. I think so because Gatsby says that “I was brought up in America but educated in Oxford , because all my ancestors have been educated there for many years. It’s a family tradition” also he says that “my family all died and I came into a great deal of money” (pg: 65). He is lying because he only went to Oxford to about 5 months, and that was because the army made him. He also lied about his parents not only being rich, but also dead. His parents are poor unsuccessful farmers that are alive and well.

Gatsby hangs out with gangsters. I think so, because he hangs out with Wolfsheim who is not only a gangster but also the one who fixed the World Series back in 1919. Gatsby says that “they can’t get him, old sport. He’s a smart man” (pg: 73). This proves...
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