Is It a Good Idea to Reinstate a Military Draft?

Topics: Conscription, Army, Military Pages: 2 (731 words) Published: May 23, 2013
Is it a good idea for the united states to reinstate a military draft? How would you feel if you were required to serve in the military, without your consent? Would you be angry, disappointed, or even worried that your lifelong dreams would not play themselves out? Required military service should be a choice not a rule to be constrained by. America has had a volunteer military since 1973. Fewer than 160,000 of 1.3 million are on active duty and 1.1 million in the reserves are in Iraq. This goes to show that our country does not need a draft, because there is no lack of soldiers. If our country is attacked, the people will voluntarily rise to defend themselves. Life in the military proves to be dangerous, and a volunteer handles it best. Volunteers have felt the call of duty and regard their country and fellow citizens so highly, that they’re even willing to risk their own lives for them. On the flip side, drafted soldiers who are forced into duty prove to be less effective. They would rather not be there in the first place! Our country does not a draft for volunteers being less effective. Veterans with combat experience would agree that the worst thing you could have is someone that you need to be a professional and is not. The security and safety of everyone else is highly critical, especially when you’re dependant on the person working next to you. The professional soldier should be there by choice and without reservations. This may not always be true but it is much more likely. Currently, the support for domestic war is dropping and military support is remaining high. The only reason for a draft would be to undermine the morale of military forces fighting the war. For example: American support for involvement in Vietnam was undermined by soldiers who came home to oppose the war and draftees who refused to go there. The opponents of involvement in Iraq want to create a similar situation, which is why there is support for a draft among the very people who don’t...
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