Is It Worth Dying for?

Topics: Death Penalty, Prison, Murder Pages: 2 (541 words) Published: May 2, 2013
“I believe there would be a lot more people today if there were a death penalty”, says First Lady Nancy Reagan. sometime the only way to stop murderers is to stop them completely. Although individuals who cannot afford an attorney often end up on death row, the death penalty is a just and effective form of punishment. In the case of repeating offenders the death penalty would decrease taxes that provide inmates with a “cozy” life. Among 40 of the states that participated in a survey, the cost to keep criminals incarcerated each year was about thirty nine billion dollars in taxes (Heinrichson, Christian & Delaney, Ruth). With stocks down and the economy failing taxpayers should not have to worry if they can pay taxes for repeating offenders. Keeping these people in prison has proven to cost too much. Although taxpayers pay a large sum of money each year, prisons still face many problems,such as; violence, disease and budget cuts ( LA Times). To diminish these problems taxes would be even higher and the problems would not even be completely solved. Alexander Busansky,executive director of the Commission on Safety and Abuse in America’s Prison’s states, “If these were public schools, we’d shut them down...” So, why are these prisons still around?

However, those who cannot afford an attorney often end up on death row. The longevity of someone’s life should not depend on their income. NCCM(North Carolina Coalition for a Moratorium) states that many poor death row inmates have lawyers with many cse and work overload or their lawyer did not have enough time to strategize. Often, county appointed lawyers have been found sleeping during trial, failing to investigate alibis or not showing up to hearings(Bad Lawyering). If the county bothers with appointing a lawyer they should make sure the defendant actually has a chance of winning the case. In addition, death penalty cases are extremely complex and take months to train for; not all lawyers have been properly trained....
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