“Is It True That International Students Must Learn a New Way of Thinking and Writing When They Come to Study in a Uk-Type Academic Environment? Discuss”

Topics: Writing, Second language, Student Pages: 2 (812 words) Published: May 15, 2013
Number of international students who tend to study in the UK has been increased dramatically. These students face many challenges when they try to adapt to the new unfamiliar academic writing style. Overseas students have serious problems in their academic writing. First of all, non-native writers cannot meet the demands of the academic readers. Secondly, international student's argumentative essays are vague in meaning and not organised well. Finally, overseas students bring their own linguistic and rhetorical culture into their academic writing. It will be argue that overseas students have to promote their aptitudes in the academic writing that fit into the UK academic environment. This essay will discuss the comparison between native and non-native writers in their academic writings as investigated by Linn (2009) and Harris (2010). There are some good affirmations that agree with the idea that international student's writing and English-speaking student's writings are different in many attitudes. Linn (2009) suggested that native and non-native writers are different in the five aspects of the academic writing style. Native writers use discourse markers in their academic writing. Linking words are widely used in the English writer's essays in order to organise the ideas and become more precise in the meaning (Byram, 1989: p451). The number of signposts used in an essay determines if the text is written by English writer or not, as stated by Burstein, Kukich, Wolff, Lu and Chodorow (1998: p11). The essay structure of the native speaker writers is composed mainly of introduction, body and conclusion. And each of these three parts has its specific function. For example, the introduction brings out the theme; the body argues the ideas and gives supporting clues and the conclusion sums up the whole essay. While in other languages, there is a vague separation between essay's parts. Native writings are functionally more organised due to the higher number of...
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