Is It the Kingfisher

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  • Published : October 13, 2012
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“Is it the Kingfisher?” by Marjorie Evasco for me is about a person who is spiritually praying and found herself in peace by observing the greatness beauty of the island where she was on. I also come up with the idea that she think that God was a kingfisher and she describe God as blue as the kingfishers color, this made me think that it is one of the reason why is it entitled “Is it the Kingfisher?” .

The good thing about this poem of M. Evasco “Is it the Kingfisher?” it is simply written in free verse in which lines has no regular sequence or pattern of rhythm and it is not in the same length (GEMS 2007) . However M. Evasco used free verse to put good words in her piece so that she can vividly describe the things that she was trying to point out which I think one of her techniques to capture the readers’ attention.

As I go along reading her piece I found out that M. Evasco used three kinds of figures of speech that made the poem appear to be more interesting to the readers, these are simile, metaphor and personification. The line “Eyelashes turned blue as the kingfisher’s wings.” is an example of simile; she used it to describe the beautiful color of eyelashes that is blue is parallel to the color of the kingfisher’s wings. The line “God is blue” is an example of metaphor which I think means God is peace and the line “It is the bird who greet us” also the “blueness embrace us” are examples of personification because it gives human characteristics to something that is not human.

I also notice that M. Evasco use tone to create the type of mood that she wanted to put on to her piece and by this it made me think that her poem “Is it the Kingfisher?” must be read in a gentle way. She use shallow but beautiful good words that is automatically set to my mind that it must be read in smooth calmly way.

I take notice to the use of word “blue” in the poem from the start to the end; everything has the description of the color blue and also the repetition of the...
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