Is it Safe to Use Nuclear Energy?

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  • Published : February 9, 2013
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Is It So Safe to Use Nuclear Energy?
The fragile environment of our planet is now under threat. Carbon fuels such as coal and oil are running out and their emissions are destroying the ecosystem. To prevent the harmful effect on the environment, Dr Symonds discussed his view that nuclear power is the best affordable way to protect the nature of the Earth. Although the facts introduced at the conference were quite persuasive, there are some points to argue. There was a statement in which Dr Symonds proposed that nuclear energy is safe and environmentally friendly. It preserves fossil fuels and doesn’t produce greenhouse gases. As a result, we will have a chance to save the natural recourses of out planet and to prevent the destruction of the ozone layer. One more idea introduced at the conference was that nuclear energy is affordable for the policy of every country. Many nuclear power plants are already functioning and they are able to produce much more energy. This will shorten the sums of money spent annually on the environmental protection. To a certain limited extent the views of Dr Symonds can be true, but I would argue that the nuclear energy is as safe as he pleads. The radioactive waste and accidents on the plants are the major disadvantages of using it. The accident on one plant can cause a very serious harm and the consequences can be unpredictable. Moreover, the radioactive waste causes even more negative effect that the use of carbon fuels. To sum up, I would say that nuclear energy is not as safe and practical as Dr Symonds suggests. Some of its drawbacks can be even more harmful to the ecosystem of our planet than the usage of carbon fuels. In my opinion, other form of safe and affordable energy should be pursued.
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