Is it Right to Use Genetic Screening as a Tool in Conception?

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  • Published : April 5, 2013
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Critical Thinking Paper
I. Identification
1. Is it right to use genetic screening as a tool in conception? 2. Is it right to use genetic screening as a tool to keep tabs on their prospective enrollees? 3. Is it right to have a second child for the sole purpose of using that child’s genetic material to cure an existing child? 4. Is it right that they would risk having another child inflicted with the same disease in order to possibly save their current child? 5. Is it right for a medical counselor to question the motives behind a couple seeking to have a second child (legally parents have a fundamental right to have children – the motives behind the decision are mostly irrelevant?) Central Ethical Issue

Is it right to have a second child for the sole purpose of using that child’s genetic material to cure an existing child? This is the most pressing ethical issue in the text because there are so many people that are potentially affected by this decision. Most of the other issues are basically sub issues that either lead too or stray away from this main ethical issue. II. Research

1. Mosby's Medical, Nursing, & Allied Health DictionaryEdition 5, 1998, p02AE, This text basically taught me that Acute Childhood Lymphoid Leukemia is a malignant (cancerous) disease of the blood producing parts of the body (spleen, Bone Marrow, and Lymph nodes), The peak years for a child to get this disease are between the ages of 2 and 5, and this disease has a nearly a twenty percent chance of relapse. This article is pretty old so only the basic information about the disease can be withdrawn from the text but overall it was very educational and I took a lot from it. This article is relevant to the main ethical issue because it gives me a lot of background information about the disease that Michelle has been diagnosed with. 2. Issues in Science and Technology Fall 2012, v29 i1, p77(11), This article is basically written to examine the ethical issues in genetic engineering in today’s society. In the text it goes on to explain how genetic engineering came about with the testing of animals and how it could be used in today’s society. It also explains that while we may see something as ethically correct in the time that it’s being done it could have very serious consequences. This slippery slope of genetic testing that the article portrays is perfectly aligned with the ethical issue at hand because while Michelle needs a donor and the potential newborn could be the answer, there are a lot of consequences that need to be considered and this article was a good reference into these issues. 3. The Pine Journal (Cloquet, MN) June 10, 2010, pNA, This article is a news story of a girl that was diagnosed with acute childhood lymphoma leukemia as a young child, after years of battling this disease and succeeding she is now 15 years old and lives a pretty normal life. While a normal life for a child is all a parent can ask for, there is still a great downside to beating acute childhood lymphoid leukemia after someone has had a form of cancer in their body the odds of being introduced to another form greatly increases, this has to be taken into consideration when thinking about the longevity and well being of Michelle’s life. This article really helped me form my opinions about what should happen in this ethical issue primarily because it shows that there can be an active life after this disease is beaten and it wouldn’t just be laying in a hospital bed the rest of the patient’s life. III. Analysis

Stakeholders| Options|
| use invitro fertilization to produce newborn and use for Michelle's donor | Wait for one in a million donor for Michelle | Use invitro fertilization to produce newborn but do not use for Michelle’s donor| Take no action, see if Michelle can beat disease using other forms of treatment| Michelle| In this option Michelle has a much higher chance of surviving this disease and has a better chance of going on to...
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