Is It Right for Celebrities to Make a Lot of Money?

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  • Published : May 18, 2005
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Over-Paid, Yet Under Rated
Growing up in America, many people are unaware of what is really occurring around them. People are so into their televisions, and their jobs that they fail to recognize the amount of work that is put into making this country as wonderful as it is. However, many people complain about the wages they receive hourly at work, or the salary they earn every month. Some complain that it is too low, and others complain about the taxes that are deducted, and how they do not have money to spend for occasions like Christmas, or even vacations. Then those same people sit at home, watch television, whether it is a basketball game, a game show, or even a soap opera, and complain about why those actors, athletes, and entertainers earn so much money, when they do not do as much as doctors, and teachers do. They complain about soccer players that are paid more monthly than doctors do yearly. They complain about singers that are paid for lip singing on stage, fooling many people. Even with their complaints, they sit down and watch the football game, watch the concert, and support actors, entertainers, and athletes. Why should those actors, entertainers, and athletes be paid that much money when they do not shape our future like teachers do, or save lives like doctors do? Unfortunately, for those people who complain, it is because of people like that, which cause people like Britney Spears, and Shaquille O'Neal to have more money than some people can count. It certainly is not fair that famous people such as Shaquille O'Neal, and Britney Spears earn so much money, but people cannot complain about it not being fair because unfortunately America is a very entertainment filled country, and almost everyone in the country has a favorite singer, band, athlete, team, or sport that they support, by either purchasing clothing, albums, tickets to the games or concerts, which makes the famous person earn that high amount of money.

The music industry is a very large industry in America, and it seems to be growing larger and larger year by year. A person may not have to go through four years of college to be able to sing a song, but either way they must work to earn what they do. An example of that would be the famous rapper Eminem. While growing up, Eminem had to work to support his mother because his father had left them. Music was his way of expressing his feelings, and he felt that if he tried hard enough he would be able to become famous one day, and because he believed in that, he worked hard to be something big. Eventually he earned enough respect to make it with all the other famous rappers. It took many years of reading, to achieve his level of vocabulary, but he stuck through it, and eventually made it big. Many young people look up to Eminem because of the hardships he went through to make it big. He may not be teaching children how to add and subtract, or how to read and write, but instead he is teaching them a lesson they can use in life. The lesson he is teaching them is that no matter how hard ones life can be they must find something they enjoy and pursue it until they can make something of their lives. "Eminem landed at Number Five with estimated net earnings of $28.9 million. The rapper's earnings came from touring, his highly successful The Eminem Show album, his Shady Records label--which released the quadruple-platinum 8 Mile soundtrack--and the $3 million he earned for starring in 8 Mile" (Salomon). Many people went out and purchased his album, tickets to see the movie, or even tickets to one of his shows while he was on tour. Eminem did not save lives or teach children how to do math, to earn the money. Instead, those people who complain about people in Eminem's status having too much money chose to spend it on watching the movie, or purchasing the album. Eminem certainly cannot be blamed because of all the fans he has. Eminem did not wake up one day and simply make the whole album. It took many long...
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