Is It Really You God?

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Is it really you, God?
By Loren Cunningham

It has been awhile since I read this book and realizing that an English copy will not be supplied and being unable to refresh myself with the contents of this book, I will try to write this from memory. The book is about finding the guidance of God and submitting to it in order to draw closer to Him. Using the background of the story of how YWAM began, the author shares his experience of successes and failures in discerning the voice of God. In sharing these stories, Loren Cunningham draws out principles of listening to the voice of God. One of these principles is the wise men principle. Using the story of how God led three wise men to the place of Jesus’ birth. This principle explains how God will use 2 or more spiritually sensitive people to confirm what He is telling you. Cunningham also writes of how he left the Assemblies of God in order to follow God’s call in his life. From this incident, Cunningham explains that sometimes opposition of men can be guidance from God also. I believe at the end of the book there were some steps to listening to God. You know when you grow up in a certain denomination we tend to see things from that perspective only. In this I also am guilty. Until a few months ago, I also would have said that listening to God was an uncommon thing, only for those who are holier than others. Then God has a way of speaking to you during times of prayer, during Quiet Times, listening to messages and music. But I believe that the inaudible still small voice can be heard apart from all these things. All messages must be tested with the word to make sure they do not contradict. But when there is no conflict but by circumstances and affirmations from godly people can open us up to the fact that God does still speak in these ways. There is an unfathomable peace and courage in your heart when you realize that you are in the will of God. That regardless of what others say or do you...
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