Is It Possible to Be a Hero in Modern Society?

Topics: Tennis, Hero, Sociology Pages: 2 (369 words) Published: February 21, 2012
Leaders and athletes are highly regarded when it comes to social media and politics. But society has harsh expectations for those highly ranked athletes and world leaders of politics. It is extremely difficult to be a hero and live up to the modern society’s expectations. These severe expectations make becoming a hero impossible whether it be in athletics or politics.

Pressure weighs down the shoulders of the highly ranked and respected athletes, making it nearly impossible to consistently perform well. Top-notch tennis players, like Samantha Stosur, have a hard time living up to the expectations of fans and supporters. Stosur, the #1 ranked Australian women’s tennis player, had one the US Open Title, a prestigious major tournament, last August. However, due to the high and exponentially increased expectations, she has to perform just as well in the next major tournament. But obviously, she couldn’t satisfy the Australian crowds in the next major tournament. Undergoing therapy to deal with pressure of being the 5th seed, she lost her 1st round to an inferior opponent in this year’s Australian Open. Her effort at heroism was valiantly attempted but it was never successful.

Another example of modern society harshly criticizing the world leaders is the situation of presidency in the U.S. Obama, the U.S.’s current president, was highly thought of at the beginning of his term. But of course, society is never happy with the current president. With news and media ranting on about how Obama has the lowest ratings in his term, it is difficult for Obama to become a hero and make everyone in the world happy. Even his littlest mistakes make him view differently, whether it i a stutter in his speech of a wrongly worded sentence. Society makes the status of become a hero extremely hard to achieve.

Athletes and leaders are constantly thinking, ‘will I live up to the expectations?’ Society’s view on these icons makes the status of a hero impossible to accomplish. The...
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