Is It Out Right to Deny a Right?

Topics: Same-sex marriage, Marriage, Same-sex marriage in the United States Pages: 3 (1099 words) Published: December 2, 2012
Jensen 1 Ellie Jensen Dr. Rubina Khan English 121 8 July 2012 Is it Our Right to Deny a Right?

On May 17, 2004, Marcia Hams and Susan Shepherd became the first same-sex couple to accomplish a state-sanctioned marriage in the United States, according to Time Magazine’s article, “A Brief History of: Gay Marriage”. Gay marriage was first brought to national attention in 1993, when a judge in Hawaii ruled that a same-sex couple was not permitted to get married on account of the state's constitution. The ruling of the judge persuaded Congress to create the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act, which prevented homosexual couples from receiving benefits traditionally granted by marriage. Since then, states have interpreted their own viewpoint on the issue. However, same-sex marriage proceeds to remain illegal in 44 states at the present time (Sullivan 1). America has supported equal rights since the nineteenth century, including the separation between contrasting races and genders, however, America is facing the ongoing battle of samesex marriage. According to Connecticut Post’s article, “Same-sex marriage: A Constitutional Right”, only 6 states allow same-sex marriage in America at the present time. The Constitution exists to provide structure for the entire country and its citizens. It protects certain rights, ensures state laws do not violate them, and forms a fair government. In the past, the Supreme Court has verified 14 times that all citizens have the right to get married. Nevertheless, 44 states deny citizens their right to marry someone of the same-sex due to the fact that it violates religious

Jensen 2 morality, weakens the definition and respect for the institution of marriage, and it weakens the traditional family values that America has. Despite that, any law banning same-sex marriage exploits the privileges of the citizens and denies people equal rights under the protection of the law. Although the popular vote is necessary in some cases, citizens should...
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