Is It Okay to Lie for the Greater Good?

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  • Published : February 6, 2012
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At a young age our parents taught us to always tell the truth and never to lie. Although, telling the truth is the morally correct thing to do, I believe there are scenarios when lying is acceptable. One should not make a habit of lying, but know when the right time and the right place is to lie. Lying for the greater good to spare someone’s feelings, to keep a child’s innocence, or to even save a life are just a few examples when I think lying can be tolerated. People say “tell me the truth, I can handle it.” But really inside, they don’t want the truth; they want you to tell them something that is going to make them feel good. What if a friend asked you a question that if you were to be honest, forced you to say something that was likely to hurt their feelings? For instance, “do I look fat in this?” As a good friend, you’re supposed to tell them what they want to hear. Lying to them this way doesn’t make you a bad friend; I believe it makes you a better one As a young child I remember asking if Santa, the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny were real. My parents assured me they were and every holiday I loved waking up with a spectacular gift under the tree, my pillow, or by my front door. The thrill I got from this was because I believed in them, and also because my parents lied to me whenever I asked about it. Parents all over the world fib to their children to protect their innocence and keep their creative Smith 2

imaginations flowing. So therefor, telling a little white lie in this situation is in my opinion the right thing to do. One of the most well-known stories of lying for the greater good is that of Anne Frank. Anne Frank along with eight others was kept hidden in the attic of a German civilian by the name of Mieps Gies. During the Nazi occupation of Europe during WWII, it was illegal to hide any Jewish citizen. Mieps kept Anne and the others a secret in order to keep them from being sent to Nazi Concentration Camps. This story is very much...
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