Is It Necessary to Celebrate Black History Month in the 21 St Century

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  • Published : April 22, 2006
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Do you think it is necessary
to celebrate black history month in the twenty first century?

Black history month is a time to remember the path that African Americans have created in order for us to succeed. Many people feel that celebrating this month is unnecessary , but I personally feel that it is because there are a lot

of accomplishments that go unnotice by black Americans.
If someone asked you if you thought black histroy month was necessary what would you say? My naswer would definitely be yes and there are so many reasons why, for instance Althea Gibson was an tennis player and a Wimbledon Winner. In 1959, Althea Gibson turned pro and won the womans singles title in 1960. Maynard Jackson Jr was Atlanta's first black mayor also he had served from 1973-1981 and 1989-1993. Those were two successful African Americans and there are a lot more. Many people celebrate black history month because it is a time to remember past and the present successful inventions and civil right movements and freedom of black Americans

Some people may not think it's necessary
to celebrate this month because they are unaware of how imporatant black americans are to today's world. Black History is only a small portion of what is taught in schools. It is important for all americans to learn about Black History because they need to learn about Black Americans contibution to today's society. There are plenty of successful African Americans now like Micheal Jordan, Colin Powell, Oprah Winfrey, and many more.

All American History is important and should be told accurately. As you know there are plenty successful African Americans from the past and the present. The success stories of these leaders, inventors, civil rights leader and other contributors should be acknowledge not only in the month of february but all year around.
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