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Is It Easy to Hide Yourself on the Internet?

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Is It Easy to Hide Yourself on the Internet?

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  • August 2012
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Is it easy to hide yourself on the Internet. You can pretend to be someone else or somewhere else. Do you think the Internet needs to be redesigned to ensure everyone can be identified such as people traveling on an interstate? Do you think this could be accomplished or are we too far involved in the Internet today? Why or why not?

Designing an Internet that requires ID authentification would be a futile task. Let’s consider for a minute that we actually have the resources needed to create a system where a computer or electronic device is tied to an actual person and can be identified anywhere in the world. The public outcry is that anonymity harbors criminal activity; however criminals will always find a way. Even if we build a system where each internet packet (message) can be identified, this wouldn’t thwart the activity of criminals who hack thousands of computers and employ them for nefarious purposes. Botnets, as they are called, are computer networks that consist of infected or hacked systems which are under the control of a single hacker or a criminal organization. The owners of these computers often have no idea that their system has been compromised. Now imagine what would happen if we had internet that requires identification. Those whose systems are compromised would be held accountable for the actions that the hacker would pursue through their computers. This has happened before, and innocent people have been accused of breaching computer systems, stealing financial data, staging DDOS attacks and even storing child pornography. Having a system where identification is compulsory would not make these problems go away. Attribution isn’t a powerful tool against crime as we may think. Besides this, having an internet without anonymity poses a considerable technological undertaking. If we are to have foolproof identification it would be necessary to have international organizations that would have to work with other identification systems: passports,...

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