Is It Cruel to Keep Animals in Cages?

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  • Published : May 27, 2012
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Is it cruel to keep animals in cages?

It’s a widely debated topic that has puzzled activists and ordinary people for centuries. It’s a tough topic that has wins on both sides and the question is, who is right? The activists or the animal lovers, what is the right thing to do? The question is ‘Is it cruel to keep animals in cages?’ Should it be illegal?

No, it is not cruel because, most animals are well looked after and are provided for. There are organisations that specialise in the safety of animals and are there to stop cruelty against animals. Organisations like the RSPCA ensure that animals are not harmed and violators of animal rights are punished. This group makes it self widely known and encourages its cause extensively, so that all perpetrators of animal rights know that what they are doing is wrong.

Putting animals in cages is acceptable if the cage has multiple exits/entries and has an area in side that allows the animal in side to move about and to do most things that it would normally do in the wild like running, climbing, flying etcetera. When there are two or more animals in the same enclosure then the area they have should be more than doubled to allow the animals to stay apart from each other is they wish to. The enclosure should allow the animal/s to see out rather then a solid box. To allow maximum airflow and ventilation, the enclosure should be cleaned on a regular basis and the animal should have sufficient food and clean water. This is to ensure that the animal stays relatively clean and has a healthy environment.

Enclosures are also essential to the survival of endangered species as some enclosures are used for breeding. Two suitable animals of the same species are put in the same enclosure, in the hope that they will breed, and continue to breed as part of a breeding program. Thus hopefully ensure the survival of some of earth's amazing animals that are on the edge of extinction. Putting animals in breeding programs also...
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