Is Internet Better Than Teacher?

Topics: Education, Psychology, School Pages: 2 (521 words) Published: March 22, 2013
Is internet better than teacher?

Today we are living in a modern world where science and technology are being used in every aspect of our daily life, which makes our life safe and comfortable. Internet is one of the key elements of our modern life. We use internet for communication, banking, entertainment, buying-selling, trading, tickets booking and for many other countless reasons. Most of all youngsters often use internet as a source of information for their educational purpose. Now a question arises if internet is better than teacher or not. Obviously internet is a great medium of learning or magnificent resources of teaching, but yet it no way equals to a living teacher.

If we take internet as a medium of education, it can be called an ocean of information. Whatever we need in our school work or any assignment, all we need is a few strokes in the keyboard and in a second millions pages appear. Notes, lectures, video learning, audio assistance, dictionary and almost everything are available in the internet, is fairly sufficient to appease any inquisitive mind. In comparison to human teacher, internet is absolutely free, there is no time bound and different views for the same topic that provides us with more choices and give us an opportunity for broader analysis. Nowadays, it is possible to take exam or test on the internet, and with a digital checking system we can know our score almost immediately. This allows people to have college or even university degree from home. Some people claim the internet as to be a virtual teacher for many students.

Although internet has been proved as an important factor in education system, but it can not be the alternate to a human teacher. It can be called merely a virtual teacher but not the real living teacher. Internet is like one way learning system, it is totally depends on the learner what or how he or she would learn. Unlike a human teacher there is no check and balance. So the possibility of exploitation is...
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