Is Indonesia Ready to Promote as Mice Destination to International Business Travel Market?

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  • Published : September 11, 2012
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Is Indonesia ready to promote as MICE destination to international business travel market? Indonesia is an archipelago. It is famous for its natural resources. Such as islands, beaches and resorts, etc. every year, there are many international tourists who come to visit Indonesia for seeing the beautiful resources of Indonesia. And also, they learn about the Indonesian culture. Nowdays, People not only go to Indonesia for vacation. Some of the people are now going to Indonesia for business trip. So, Now the Ministry of Travel and Tourism Indonesia is doing the process of developing Indonesia as the destination for the International business travel market. According to the one of the source in the Website, Manado is one of the countries in Indonesia that has in the process of developing the MICE facilities. In Manado, There are up to 2.600 rooms in three to five stars hotel that can be used for MICE facilities. So, Manado is one of the cities in Indonesia that will be ready for the development as MICE destination. In My Opinion, Indonesia is ready to promote as MICE destination to International business travel. Because, in Indonesia, there will be a lot of opportunities to do the business in all sections. And also, if many international tourists come to Indonesia for Business and also for vacation, Indonesia will get more profit revenue from its tourism attractions and activities. As the Indonesian People, We should support Indonesia for develop the tourism attractions as the MICE destinations to the world. So, there will be more people will be attract to visit and see the Beautiful of Indonesia. And also to develop the business in Indonesia as long as the opportunities are available.
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