Is India Truely Independent

Topics: India, British Raj, Corruption Pages: 4 (1527 words) Published: October 17, 2011
Is India Really Independent?
“Is India really independent?”, this is a question lingering in many Indian minds. Why does this question arise in our mind today? Did we not recieve our nation’s freedom on 15th of August 1947? Then even after 64 years as a free country, why are we still in binds of indirect slavery? It’s time to get some answers. But first, on what terms do we say that we are still not free. We are not torchered or mercilessly killed by English men, but it is true that we are being mercilessly killed by our own people. How? The daily fights that happen on the streets, the accidents on rail, bomb blasts. Have we ever realised that these killings are the very same as the Jalianwala Bagh incident? How is it different? Innocent people were killed then, the same continues now. Only thing that can be said, is that, when Dyer had commanded the mass killing, he was an unmasked man, but today’s Dyers are masked men. People do things for their benifit, yes it is human nature to do so, yet there are some, who are struggling today to bring freedome to this land. One among them would be Anna Hazare. The Mahatma of the 21st century, a man who who thursts for his country to be free from her chains. Though it was not necessary for him, he started the battel to freedom. If our country was truely free and her governers really faithful to her then why would an innocent man like Hazare be jailed?

The constitution of India offers free expression of speech but the question is ‘Is jail the reward for practicing it?’, if this question has a negative answer then lawfully he was not justified just like the days of the great Mahatma Gandhi, who was also jailed for fighting for what was rightfully his and the nations. This is not a single case that resembles the British India.

The common wealth games 2010, Delhi, is another example of India’s resemblance to her past form. The British had stolen what belonged to us in the name of British...
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