Is India Safe for India?

Topics: Domestic violence, Violence, Woman Pages: 2 (727 words) Published: January 20, 2013
Woman is the builder and moulder of a nation's destiny. Though delicate and soft as a lily, she has a heart, far stronger and bolder than of man.She is the supreme inspiration for man's onward march, an embodiment of love, pity and compassion, she is no doubt, her commanding personality; nevertheless, is given by solemn.Our women have a very great part to play in the progress of our country, as the mental and physical contact of women with life is much more lasting and comprehensive than that of men. Not for nothing was it said that 'the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world'. In the apron strings of woman is hidden the revolutionary energy which can establish paradise on this earth.Women have generally been looked down upon with disdainful contempt. All sorts of strictures have been inflicted upon them, reducing their status to a mere play thing or a slave of man's whims, a mere chattel to be dumb driven. They have been confined to the hearth and home. The orthodox male-oriented society in India has still not been able to adjust itself to the fresh wave of women's liberation .But ours is still a male-dominated society. Women still continue to be exploited. There are still places where women are beaten, raped, and murdered without so much as a second thought practices.India is one of these places.   A place that is both progressive on paper and in some urban areas but are also far behind in practice and in rural communities.   What progress has already been made to protect women in India and what still needs to be done to ensure the equal treatment of women in all areas of India? Violence against women and girls represents a global health, economic development, and human rights problem.   At least one out of every three women worldwide has been beaten, coerced into sex, or otherwise abused in her lifetime, with rates of domestic violence reaching 70% in some countries.This abuse of women and their rights is something more developed countries are taking very...
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