Is Humanity Alone in the Span of the Universe?

Topics: Extraterrestrial life, Life, Drake equation Pages: 2 (711 words) Published: May 2, 2013
The Universe has been a continual mystery to humanity. Throughout human history, individuals have been searching for answers to numerous questions that were provoked by the unknown space above their heads. Discoveries made by shamans, priests, and scientists have increased curiosity about the esoterics of the Universe rather than bating it. Though it may seem as if we know a lot about the Universe nowadays, this is only an illusion. The most significant mystery still lies in the question, “Is there extraterrestrial life?” Just as Christopher Columbus saw that first glimpse of previously unknown land on the horizon, it may turn out that we will happen upon another species that is as intelligent as us.

One huge leap has already been made in this quest. Scientific research has shown that living organisms can survive in conditions much different than those that are present on Earth. This is confirmed by the existence of so-called extremophiles – organisms that thrive in conditions that are lethal for other forms of life. These conditions may include high pressures, presence of toxins, absence of oxygen, extreme temperatures and acidity. One extremophile species, the Ferroplasma acidiphilum, is a microorganism that can only survive in environments containing such large concentrations of iron that any other life form would expire there. Not only can extremophiles thrive in these conditions, but they cannot survive in what are considered to be normal environments. These organisms alone prove that life can exist in conditions on planets that were previously thought of as too extreme (Silverman, 2009).

Numerous UFO sighting reports can be considered as a strong piece of evidence in favor of the existence of extraterrestrial life. What makes some of these accounts difficult to deny even for the strongest skeptics are claims made by reputable people, such as law enforcement, the military, pilots, and even astronauts. For example, in the early hours of December 14,...
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