Is HR Indispensible or Obsolete for Companies?

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  • Published : February 25, 2012
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Austen Williams
Pers/Human Res Mgmt
HR Is Dead, Long Live HR

HR Is Dead, Long Live HR
Within this article the author explains about two elements dealing with the Human Resource department within a company. These two elements are whether HR is indispensible or obsolete for companies.

Firstly, this article explains how HR is becoming obsolete. This is through many companies outsourcing their HR department. This allows them to spend less money on staff, and reap the benefits of a more timely and accurate department. As shown through the outsourcing BP decided to do with their HR department. With the outsourcing of the lower level HR department positions there has been a significant amount of employees being laid off due to the fact that their jobs have now become redundant to that of the people who have acquired the outsourced job.

While there are some disadvantages of the HR department there is still a quantity of necessary elements to the HR department for these companies. While outsourcing can be a good thing for some companies there is still a need for higher level HR personnel, which involve strategic workforce challenges. Without these professionals figuring out ways to combat the new challenges of the workforce, companies will slowly start to go out of business due to lack of qualified employees working for these companies and the lack of people qualified to handle multibillion dollar vendor contracts.

Although this article stated some prominent information regarding the Human Resources department profession, I did not like this article at all. This article made me a little uneasy about the career choice I made for myself. While my degree is not in HR, it is in marketing and within the first page of this article it stated that “with the unemployment rate hovering around 6 percent, the same can be said of many jobs” including marking. That statement alone scared me so much the thought crossed my mind “should I change my...
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