Is Homosexuality Wrong

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  • Published : March 14, 2011
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This paper will examine the argument of “Is Homosexuality Wrong?” by Michael Levin. The argument used for this assignment can be located on pages 157-185 in our text. We will discuss Levin’s premises and conclusion as to why he believes homosexuality is wrong and that discriminations against homosexuals should not be undone. Also I will offer a counter argument as to why I believe that there is nothing wrong with homosexuality and thus discriminations in place against homosexuals should be undone. Michael Levin argues that homosexuality is wrong thus society should not change itself in ways that are likely to increase the incidence of homosexuality, and that in many cases changing existing laws discriminating against homosexuals would be likely to do this. Levin proclaims that homosexuality is “abnormal and hence undesirable, not because it is immoral or sinful, or because it weakens society or hampers evolutionary development, but for a purely mechanical reason. It is a misuse of bodily parts and by which can probably lead to unhappiness”. Levin points out that a penis best fits a vagina and that one of its functions is to introduce semen into the vagina. Likewise Levin perceives that because he believes homosexuality involves the misuse of bodily parts, he describes homosexuality as being biologically abnormal. Levin also states that biologically abnormal things are likely to lead to unhappiness. Levin defends his premise by pointing out the idea that sex was designed for propagation. Thus because nature has consequently made this use of the penis rewarding, it is clear that any proto-human males who found unrewarding the insertion of penis into vagina have left no descendants. Therefore this is why homosexuality is abnormal and is likely to cause unhappiness because it leaves unfulfilled an innate and rewarding desire. Furthermore Levin’s premises and conclusion are that homosexuality is a misuse of bodily parts, the misuse of bodily parts is abnormal which...
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