Is Homework Harmful or Helpful.

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  • Published : September 22, 2010
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Every one doesn’t like homework. Many students don’t want to do it because they think it is very hard and they must spend a lot of time on it. The teacher and parents often say:”You should do that, it is helpful to study. But how does it help with studying? Now I can explain why homework is helpful. First, homework helps students to master knowledge. Everyone, when they learn some new things, they just learn it but can’t really master it. Mastery of subject is up to another way, they can’t know that. That is not to master the knowledge. But if you do some homework, it has many different ways to ask you. If you can mastered that knowledge and think it by yourself and try your best to do it. If you have some problems the next day the teacher will check it and tell you how to do it and solve that problem and then you can do many different questions with that knowledge. The second reason is doing homework is a good way to remember the new knowledge. It is very easy to understand it. If you learned some new things or remember some new knowledge you can’t remember it very fast or very firmly. What should you do? For example if you want to remember the phone number you need to say it many times and write it down to help you next time find it. If you forget, you can look at it anyway. The homework is the same as that, because the new knowledge is hard to remember. Homework makes you do it with yourself and write it again and again. So that is why you write and use many times and then you can remember it. Finally, a very important reason is that homework is very helpful to your skill and applying of new knowledge. You know at school we learn a lot of knowledge such as physics and so on. But is it all useful in our life? Of course not we learn math in our middle school and high school. But in our lives, we don’t use very hard math questions. But why you must learn it? Though in the future you may not want to be a teacher or to be a mathematician, you learn it because you...
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