Is Homework Harmful or Helpful?

Pages: 2 (519 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Ohamy Rosario                                                               April 4,2013 ELA/ESL                                                                         Room 110  

                                 Fee $2 dollars for using publics parks  
      I think that to fee $2 dollars for using publics parks and other stuff like that is not right. Fee I never had that experience, but in my opinion that is something that is not right. I know that not only me wouldn’t like that because of the reason that they have to pay every time they use the parks or other things. I don't agree or disagree. But it would be a good idea for the government.

      You must be asking if I agree or disagree. In some point I agree with this offers , because if this rule is accept it people are force to pay and that would help a lot with the government. This could help the government by collecting all that money that is earn on the entrance of the public parks so that the government can by books for school and help does that are homeless. In some other point I disagree with this , because me as an example I like to go to the park a lot and the parks are free , and in some other case there are some other people who doesn’t have enough money for they to be paying for public parks. In that point I disagree.

      Why I disagree?. I disagree, because if they star charging $2 dollars each day for the use of public parks, people might not follow that rule very straight and the people are going to try to find some way in without paying. That is very important because if people try to get inside the parks without paying there would be $2 dollars less to give to the government. By that moment the people will have a trick so that they can get inside the parks without paying nothing. I also dissagree,because not every one has money for the use of the parks.

     If the government prove that rule there would be money to waste because there has to be some kind of security...
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