Is Home Schooling Better Than Public Schooling

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  • Published : March 3, 2013
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The family of the child knows what skills to foster, and is there to witness the enthusiasm of subjects such as art, music, physical education, and information technology. Public schools are making budget cuts and taking out vital programs because they do not have funding for them. “The changes are tough for kids who really shine in art or physical education and it’s been hard on the morale of the teachers” (Hefling, 2011, para. 18). Children that are home schooled have flexibility and access to these curriculums that are missing in their neighborhood schools.

The crucial players in helping a child’s development of education at home starts with the parents, or caregivers of the child. They are the ones who recognize the child’s individual needs in their growing process of what will define them as adults. Public schools are locked inside a curriculum that is dated. Home schooling allows the child to express abilities that are overlooked in a large class room with over thirty children. At home, the child grows at their own pace and gets that extra attention that that they want and desire.

Attributes of home schooling is being able to control outside disturbances and influences that derail kids from learning. According to The National Center for Education Statistics (2012) “there were 33 associated deaths in elementary and secondary schools in the United States from July of 2009 through June of 2010”(para. 2). Bullying, violence, and drugs are making headlines in schools across America.

The guardian of the home schooled child will get the benefits of quality time with their child and build a strong bond and relationship together. Knowing their educational strengths and weaknesses early allows for the parent to manage and address them efficiently. Home schooling allow children to grow beyond the constraints of a boxed curriculum, and instead take their education to a limitless adventure.

Although smaller class sizes can be beneficial, there are...
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