Is Higher Education Worth the Price?

Topics: High school, College, Higher education Pages: 4 (1523 words) Published: April 1, 2012
When someone hears the term “higher education” the first thought tends to be college, of course. College has always been thought of as the one-way ticket to a high salary occupation. The reality of the situation is that while that may be true in some cases, it’s not as easy at it seems to receive that ticket aka the Bachelor’s degree. College tuition is a large amount and it’s even more expensive to attend college only to drop out. This leaves the student with no degree and vast amounts of debt. That debt is averaging 20,000 dollars for four years of schooling. Higher education is beneficial for anyone with the dedication to attending and knowing what they are striving for with while doing so. Achieving a Bachelor’s degree or a B.A. is a worthwhile goal for just about everyone. Why is it worth the time, effort and money to receive this diploma? Charles Murray in his article “Are Too Many People Going to College?” states, “ Employers value the B.A. because it’s a no cost (for them) screening device for academic ability and perseverance” (pg. 233). The train of thought for employers is that the students with the drive and capabilities to succeed are the one’s that will attend college. This makes it close to impossible for a person with only a high school diploma to even be considered for a variety of jobs. Brian Kelly in his article “Is College Still Worth It?” has come across the same findings as Murray. He reports, “ Hiring managers will tell you that creative intelligence and an ability to communicate are more useful in the long term. As a proven work ethic which is why persisting through four years of college is an admirable credential in itself” (pg. 8). College is supposed to teach a person how to think and work hard. That is something that any employer values greatly. The greater chance of a fulfilling career isn’t the only benefit to receiving a B.A. In 2007 the Census Bureau reported that the average college graduate had a yearly income of $57, 181...
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