Is Healthcare a Right

Topics: Health care, Medicine, Health economics Pages: 4 (1225 words) Published: December 5, 2012
The Right to Be Healthy

A basic human right is something all people should have access too or one’s ability to exercise a particular action themselves. The right to vote, speak freely, bear arms and freedom to practice religion are all rights of an individual. To deny individuals the availability to their best possible health or a right such as healthcare has a monumental impact that is far more reaching than just ones individual health and longevity in life. People deserve the right to healthcare and the ability to live a healthy and productive life.

By law, no hospital can deny medical service to any person needing emergency medical care regardless of whether a person is with or without medical insurance coverage The law means everyone and anyone. A drug dealer who may have a negative impact on society or the immigrant that has just landed on US soil. Healthcare in the United States is rightly designed to make accessible to all people, but depending on one’s insurance coverage the quality of healthcare received can vary in many ways. The quantity of insurance carriers and programs and how Americans receive healthcare has always been subject to conversation. America’s health system is a very complex free-market enterprise that is designed to provide care to individuals or families. Most other countries around the world provide healthcare to all citizens and that care is paid for or subsidized by government funding and financing through taxation. Even though the American healthcare system is the most technologically advanced and can provide the best care in the world, it falls short of being obtainable and affordable to each and every citizen therefore leaving much of the nation without healthcare or the right to protect their physical and mental health.

Healthcare as a right or not is a huge debate with a tall fence dividing the two. Dr. Erin Gilliland’s opinion in his book, Justice for All-Saving Justice in America, approaches healthcare as a...
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