Is Hamlet Sane Throughout the Play?

Topics: Thought, Cognition, Psychology Pages: 1 (322 words) Published: April 17, 2011
Isn't this an interesting question? Hamlet is such a interesting character because of his unpredictable but somewhat clever actions and comebacks. His plan that he had to portray throughout the play included being insane so perhaps thats all he was doing. Maybe, like some others believe, he was in fact insane, unpredictable, and scurrilous. Many think, just by a quick glance so to say of watching the movie Hamlet, think he is crazed. They don't take the noteworthy time of thinking through what Hamlet has to do in order to get his revenge and make sure the ethereal being of his father was infact correct in what he stated. It would be awful if the shadow of his father was infact wrong in his anouncment and influenced Hamlet into doing an alarming deed that would condem him to the inferno. So, in order to prove that he was visited and was giving a task to kill the king and avenge his father, he had came up with the plan to act as if he had gone mad, helping him in convincing himself of the truth. Here's the funny part. The anwer that i have come to believe that is most likely what Hamlet's state of mind is. That my friends would be that he is in fact insane, and acting insane. He is both crazy in mind, as he goes through his life day by day and insane as he acts for the king. This is why there is so much confusion on this topic. Each side is correct. Hamlet is both acting crazy, and is crazy, it's the altimit conbination that has people's opinions of Hamlet confused with one another. I think he does do some real thinking in order to fufill his plan, he has to if he is to succeed, but all in all, he is definetly out of state of mind.
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