Is Google Making Us Stupid

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  • Published : April 15, 2013
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“Is Google Making Us Stupid?”

Nicholas Carr states in his article “Is Google making us stupid?’ that he agrees the internet helps us at times, but ultimately hurts us in most other ways. The internet alters the way we think, and prevents us from taking deeper thoughts for ourselves. Us humans feed off the information on the internet and use it to “copy” or use others ideas only in our own way, less in depth and more to the point. Many people in the world, or Scott Carp in the article says he use to be “voracious book reader”(Carr 58) but now with the internet, blogs, and other things of that sort are just more convenient and easier. Carr also says that the reading that we are engaged in these days is much different from what we have read in the past. He concludes that we are reading more from the extremely popular text messages, Facebook, twitter, and things of that sort which enables us to read in short spans of time. Thus making us evolve less concentration or attention spans. (Carr 58). Carr also explains “the brain is almost infinitely malleable”(Carr 60) this means that what ever the brain does the most it will do its best to be better at that specific job. With this in mind the more we read in the ways we do today, the less talented we will be able to read like we have previously in the past when research was done in books and in libraries. Carr does say in his article that people are reading more then we

have in the past during the 1970’s and 1980’s just at a lower level which may not be helpful (Carr 58). In Carr’s eyes he explains that we will lose the ability to concentrate and contemplate, because of how the internet works, everything moves so fast and we need to adapt to this change (Carr 57). What I think Carr is trying to say is that the media and the new technologies we are using can be helpful and important to our brains (Carr 62) but we need to keep in mind that it can make a bad impact on us as well. We cannot only...
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