Is God Good?

Topics: Religion, Human, Morality Pages: 2 (626 words) Published: July 17, 2008
God is Good. Or is He?
It is the chief belief of most Christians that God/Jesus is a pure good and all loving entity. I have read essays by some people on the Internet who try to contradict this with certain examples in the Bible of God ordering murder or genocide. Christians always seem to have a response to this allegations that satisfies themselves (though not the person they're responding to). However, I have hit upon a concept that I think might clear up the controversy between Christians and those who think God is wicked.

Quite simply, God cannot be pure good, and here's why. There are six billion people on Earth, and you'll never find two who agree on absolutely everything. Therefore, there are six billion definitions of morality in existance, not including those beliefs held by dead people who have left their beliefs carved in stone or written on parchment.

Now, if there are billions of definitions of good, how can God fit all of them? If God is an anthropomorphic (meaning he exhibits human characteristics) entity, he can't fit contradicting views of good. This means that God's view of morality will differ from that of most people. There is the belief that God is beyond human comprehension, which would allow him to exemplify the multitude of moral opinions, which no anthropomorphic creature could do. However, what happens to the belief that God is an all loving entity? If we cannot comprehend God, how can he express love, which is something we can comprehend. Can't be done. Therefore, God cannot be a purely-good, all-loving being.

Now, some would say that God determines what is good and what is evil. Therefore he wouldn't have to bother fitting others beliefs about right or wrong, they have to worry about fitting his. But that raises the question: why does God's opinion matter more than a human's? I know, I know, there are plenty of you sitting there with your jaw dropped by my audactiy of suggesting this, but think about it:...
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