Is Globalization Americanization?

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Is Globalization Americanization?
July 6, 201?

Is Globalization Americanization?
The American popular culture is becoming more and more of the standard for our world. Many people may agree with this statement, however, there are others that disagree. Some have also considered that Globalization is Americanization as America is at the vanguard position or have already been established as a cultural imperialism. In other words, developing countries are keener to acclimatize American culture.

A good example is how other countries are becoming accustomed to fast food restaurants. Restaurant chain like McDonald’s has a strong global presence. The fast food company provides their services in 119 countries around the world. Other American food chains took notice of this global awareness and how McDonald’s is able to conduct business on a global scale. Recently, Subway Restaurants surpassed McDonald’s in terms of global presence. When two American lifestyles escape its native geographical boundaries and able to take stand and remain strong in other markets, it is a clear indication that other countries are influenced by American popular culture.

From a personal experience, I notice the American culture is being embraced by my native country, The Philippines. Just by watching Filipino programming through your local satellite/cable company, it is obvious that they are highly influenced by America. My mother subscribes to these television stations and half of the time, they are speaking English or mixing the Tagalog language with English. Even the fashion is American influenced. Many of the television programs are copies or other versions of popular American shows such as Big Brother, American Idol, The Bachelor/Bachelorette, and others. Perhaps the most obvious is the current popular music in the Philippines. The type of music on their popular list is very similar to what is popular here...
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