Is Globalisation a Force for Good?

Topics: Globalization, Global warming, Economic geography Pages: 4 (1067 words) Published: May 15, 2013

Globalisation is the process by which organisations, start operating on an international scale, or develop an international influence, made possible by communication and increasing improvement in technology. Nike, McDonald, Apple are all obvious examples of globalisation. Other less obvious examples of what globalisation has brought us but we are hardly ever aware of are internet, which a lot of us use as an efficient source of information; TV shows for news and entertainment; cell phones for communication; etc.

More trades, more markets, business, more information, jobs and opportunities are promises of a globalised world. But reports and studies have criticised globalisation for recent issues regarding the environment, especially global warming. While some say that globalisation helps countries with modernisation along the Western line and increases opportunities for self-development, others argue that it undermines local traditions and results in loss of biodiversity. Some say globalisation bring overall national process, while others argue it creates and widens spartial inequalities. So, is globalisation a force for good? Opposing perspectives regarding globalisation vary, from how it affects the one’s country’s economy, politics to its impact on the environment, society and cultures.

It is true to say that globalisation creates opportunities for new jobs for people, especially in developing countries. Many workers of manufacturing factories for global brands come from rural areas. They leave to industrialised cities in search for jobs to support their life. Statistic shows that Nike alone employs approximately 800,000 workers in its factories, which primarily located in South-East Asia. Global brand like Nike can help to decrease the increasing unemployment rate, which is currently globally a worrying social issue. The question which then arose is that: how do these global companies treat their workers in these...
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