Is Friendship Compromised in Our Modern Age?

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  • Published : April 27, 2013
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Do you agree that friendship is compromised in our modern era?

I agree to a certain extent that friendship has been compromised in our modern era. This means that people have less time to meet one another or do not meet each other at all. In our competitive society people have to work longer hours and this results in them having shorter time for social interaction. With the uprising of social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, there is less face to face interaction between people. Furthermore, Facebook allows us to add “friends” that we may not know very well, hence destroying the bonds and trust which defines friendship. Nowadays there is also the rent-a-friend service which is available. It also allows one to rent a friend for a cheap price to bring home to show off. This too is destroying the true meaning of friendship. Friendship is built on the trust of two people over a long time, so how can one call another a friend when they have only met for a few minutes. With this, I agree that friendship is being compromised.

However this is not the case in certain situations. Although the rent-a-friend service may not be ideal but it still allows people to have social interaction. Most of these people who have rented a friend eventually still stay in contact with each other although the contract is over. This shows that the time spent with each other does help promote friendship so in a way, friendship is not compromised. Furthermore for those that have to work long hours, they can still go out with their friends at night. So in a way, friendship is not compromised.

In the end, I still believe that friendship is compromised in our modern era. Although, there are benefits brought about by such rent-a-friend services, it is still undeniable that the bonds of friendship have been broken as such. With this, I still believe that friendship is compromised in our modern era.
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