Is Freud Psychology Important Today?

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  • Published : December 17, 2012
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Psychology :Assignment One - by Laura Normington

Is Freud’s Psychology important today?

Freud’s Principium school psychoanalytical theory offered humanity a coherent annotation detailing the intrinsic aspects of the human psyche, and the developmental stages of personality. In order to determine the present importance of his work I will initially outline Freud’s key concepts and take in to consideration the contributions applied by Neo-Freudians in my on-going assessments. I shall also continue to identify valid criticisms within the theoretical framework of psychoanalysis before culminating in a conclusive evaluation of Freud’s relevance today.

Freud postulated that unconscious mental processes were at constant play in the human psyche and that they could be the causation for certain symptoms and behaviours. This introductory emphasis on mentality rather than neurology to explain neuroses irrevocably changed our concept of the unconscious mind and the influence it exerts over our behaviour.

The methods of free association, dreams, jokes and slips of the tongue were employed and analysed by Freud in interpreting the repressed thoughts and feelings, that are usually held captive in the in the unconscious by the ego as a defence mechanism.

Freud’s hypothesis of a three part personality structure consisting of the Id, Ego and Super-ego correlated an innate, instinctual, pleasure seeking drive in conflict with a necessity for self-preservation that’s governed by our external reality, and a further confliction with the pre-occupation of morality internalised by our family and society. Freud established this prototype of personality structure in which similarities are recognisable in the subsequent adaptations, interpretations and extensions to personality development theory offered by Alfred Adler, Carl Jung , Karen Horney and Juliet Mitchell.

Freud identified the driving forces behind our every urge and compulsion to be sexuality and aggression or...
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