Is Free Will an Illusion?

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  • Published : October 18, 2012
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Is free will an illusion?
Will Definition: Faculty to act and decide on its own will. Name given to the unwritten legal custom. Being alive at birth is free, you act, do and think what they want to enter the social world, to turn from the beginning are taught social norms and rules which he must abide by and promote to their peers, which are aimed to establish a clear distinction of what is good and bad within a given culture. But are we able to get to avoid any external impediment preventing some leeway? Or Is not free will the natural disposition of every man to do whatever he pleases? We as living beings we are born and developed in conjunction with our neighbors, who also enjoy the same freedom as human beings have to act according to his own will, throughout his life, making it responsible for their actions , which in turn this fact is fundamental to understanding human freedom can not be unlimited, because the existence of free men as he stops them. It should also state that the cause is linked to survival, because if a man does what he wants regardless of which can affect another by their actions, you consent to such to do the same, and thus endangered also its very existence. So Does the person's free will is limited by similar or further conditioned by the law of causality? According to Arthur Schopenhauer distinguishes three different aspects of freedom, which are: physical freedom, intellectual freedom and moral freedom. The physical freedom is one that presents no impediment of any material for an act of will, it can offer only the ingenuity of common sense. Intellectual freedom, mediates between the will and motives, and moral freedom is free will without any conditioning force. Every freedom has a unique process that depends on the individual characteristics of each person as much as his action in a particular act, then the man is solely responsible for their actions and can not impute the missing other foreign to him as it has the power to prevent...