Is Film Obsolete

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Is Film Obsolete?
For over a century movies have been created and projected using film (Alimurung). With developments in technology over the past few decades, one wonders why Hollywood hasn’t advanced to a newer way of recording and displaying its movies in theaters. In this paper I will explain why film (from a technological perspective) is dying. Specifically I will be addressing why film will be replaced, the future of theaters known as the “digital cinema,” and how different people in the movie industry view the change.

Film has long been the precedent in movie making. This article from the LA times explains how important of a role film plays in the movie industry, “For more than 100 years film has been the dominant medium with which movies are shot, edited, and viewed” (Alimurung) This long lasting relationship with Hollywood has been hard to break up, but the transition is already underway and soon 35mm film will no longer be displayed in theaters. This passage from an article supports my claim, “The digital wave that has been looming over movie theaters for quite some time has finally broken, and the speed with which the transition is being enacted is remarkable—by the end of 2013, the major studios will have ceased creating film prints of new titles, and nearly all U.S. theaters are expected to have gone digital, most of them transitioning to the new projection format of Digital Cinema Package (DCP)” (Rapfogel). This leaves the question as to why the change is taking place. Why make a change when film has produced a quality and reliable picture for so many years? To put it quite simply, the answer is money. The movie studios will save endless amounts of money on the creation and distribution of movies if they move to a digital format. Some numbers suggest the cost can be reduced by up to ten times if it were created and distributed in digital format rather than 35 mm film. This passage further explains my point, “It costs about $1,500 to print one...
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