Is Fastfood Good for Our Health?

Topics: Nutrition, Junk food, Fast food Pages: 2 (477 words) Published: April 5, 2013
d Is Fast Food Good for Our Health?
Written by : Ika Febry A
It has been known before that every day the consumption level of fast food or junk food becomes increasing although there are so many negative statements about fast food. Fast food mostly consume by people who have no time to cook for their family, and very busy. But it possibly eaten too by people who naturaly like or become fans of those kind of food, and already state in their mind that fast food is their favorite food ever which are delicious, simple and easy to be served. The university of minnesota school of public health stated that it is teens and children who are being the biggest consument of fast food nowdays.

Most people say that fastfood is the fast way to fullfill our desire in eating. It suitable with it’s name “ fastfood”. It’s very practice, we do not need too much time in preparing it. When we are hungry, just simply go to fast food court, and order some dishes, then our food is ready to be eaten without waiting too long , or we can buy some instant food which the step of making those food is just simple too. For example, only adding some hot water in it, put in the microwave for a while or just fry it for a moment. With the simplicity of fast food, everybody who does not know exactly about fast food will interest to make it to be their regular food every day,definety.

On the other hand, some research stated that consuming too much fast food can make our intestines has a difficulty in digesting our food because there is no fiber in fast food, or if it is there, it does not enough to fullfill the fiber needed, then if this condition keep continuing, it can cause colorectal cancer. Not only that, fast food can also increase the heart disease risk, diabetes type 2 and that research concluded that people who are consuming fast food two times or more in a week, have the possiblity 27% bigger in diabetes and 56% bigger died because of heart disease compare with people who seldom or...
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