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Topics: Federal Bureau of Investigation, Crime, Criminal justice Pages: 4 (939 words) Published: April 23, 2013
Cyber crime

Cybercrime plays a significant role in the criminal law of the information age. Accompanying the influx of computers is an increase in criminal acts and, as a result, an increase in the number of statutes to punish those who abuse and misuse this technology. Cyber-crime, is a serious concern, the crime can be perpetrated instantaneously and its effects can spread with incredible quickness. Furthermore, the ever-increasing use of computers, especially in serving infrastructure, makes computer criminality increasingly important.

to many crime can occur through use of the internet such as hate crimes, pornography, consumer fraud, stalking, terrorism, theft of security or trade secrets, software piracy, economic, espionage and financial institution fraud, but in this case the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) was forced to temporarily take down it is internet site in 1991 after an attack by hackers. So with this situation the companies have been lost millions of dollars in damage due to the effect of some viruses.

The federal, state, and international governments have been made a considerable efforts to deterrent computer crime. In the last centuries the cybercrime has been served in different role such as communication tools, as targets and as storage devices. For example as a communication tools present the object used to commit the crime this include traditional offenses such as fraud. The computer can also be the target of criminal activities for example: when a hackers obtain unauthorized access to Department of Defense site, and when someone steals information store on s computer also falls within this category.

When a computer it is used as storage place for criminal records can also be tangential to crime and can be a target and tool of criminal conduct for example: they use a computer to insert virus into the internet, serve in the role of targets in the computer virus may intended to cripple the computers individuals who commit...
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