Is Fame Worth It or Not

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  • Published : February 22, 2006
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Fame: Is it Worth it or Not?
For some reason, unknown to me, the human race tends to value and follow specific people because of a talent or look they have. Because we do this egos grow, stress levels increase, and the other "normal" people feel less of themselves. If this all happens, why do we put these special people on pedestals in the first place? Sara Voughn expresses perfectly how we should all behave. "I don't go for that star stuff. All the stars are in heaven." These words show how we are all equal, even though some believe this to be wrong.

Some work for the fame. They want to be in the spot light. But what is fame anyway? Noah Webster defines it as: the state or quality of being widely honored and acclaimed. That all may sound delightful but people too often forget the sacrifices to get there and what happens once they achieve their goal. Talent isn't always something you're born with. It takes practice and hard word. The few who can handle it may make it to the top. But what happens when you get there? Everyone is looking at you, expecting you to be perfect, though you're just like the rest of us. The thing of it is however, no matter how hard you try the magazines and the television reporters are going to find something you did wrong back in kindergarten, if they have to, to get something on you so they have a story. I don't see any fun in that. Enough people gossip as it is, why add to it.

Society today tends to put people into groups or "Cliché." According to the constitution of the United States, we are all created equal. If we are all equal these groups should not exist. In Ms. Voughn's quote she states "… All stars are in heaven." Each living person on this planet has the same value. We all have the same parts. Each one of us has a beating heart that gets broken by the segregation of society between the famous and the not so. If we are all going to the same place in the end (heaven) why should it matter what kind of position we hold...
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