Is Factoy Farming Cruel to Animals ?

Topics: Livestock, Agriculture, Animal welfare Pages: 3 (829 words) Published: April 18, 2013
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Yes, I believe factory farming is cruel to animals. There is clear, documented evidence that animals at these factory farms are infested with E. coli and other diseases and die without ever having received adequate medical care. The four main meat distributors in the United States are aware that these diseases exist among their livestock, but are not taking necessary steps to get proper medical attention for these animals. Also, there are videos of these "farms" in which animals are standing among piles of feces that are taller than a cow. Is this legally animal cruelty? Or are factory farms not held accountable because these animals will all be slaughtered? Why don't they have to follow or obey the same guidelines that an average citizen must? There are many cruelties associated with the large, industrial "factory farms" that intensely confine animals in tiny crates and cages. In addition to cruel confinement, farm animals are often subject to neglect and a multitude of other inhumane practices. Unfortunately, it is difficult to prosecute producers that mistreat animals. Twenty-five states exempt "normal husbandry practices" or "standard agricultural practices" from their cruelty statutes. The result: if a farmer is investigated for abusing farm animals, he or she has only to say "but everybody else is doing it" and he/she will be let off scot-free. Even in those states where such practices are not exempt, it is rare that a local prosecutor will file charges against a producer for acts of cruelty that are prevalent in the industry. Most prosecutors are elected officials who are reluctant to upset the farming communities in their rural districts. Even when a prosecutor is willing to risk the...
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