Is Exposure to the Internet at Early Age a Good Idea

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  • Published : February 12, 2011
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Is exposure to the internet at an early age a good idea?
The internet currently presents very interesting questions and challengers for parents. If there were an instruction manual and how to be a parent leaning on technology and the internet would be worthy to certain the problems. Internet leaders, analysts, and activists are involved in an ongoing debate about how the internet and technology affect our lives, as virtual reality becomes embedded in your life. While technology advances have improved communication capabilities, there is wide disagreement as to whether this leads to better social tolerance, human relations, or home lives. Nowadays, children are moving towards technology in by time. Definitely, we are in a period where technology is everything without technology our life left out and monotonous. In discussion, let see the use of internet aspect for the children. Internet has both its good and bad impact. It really depends on our way of use. For me, I agree the discussion of exposure to the internet at an early age a good idea because children can develop computer skills faster, in internet many websites include types of educational will have, give your child quick and effective access and finally encourage to use more comfortable resources in internet. What can the internet do for you and your children? Let see now and in the future? Its usefulness enters every area of our lives. By the internet, updated information about vital subjects can apply which only a click way. The internet presents much benefit to the individual or children for education, business, entertainment and live socialization. Exposure to the internet at an early age because can develop their computer skills so far in education and entertainment. As a tool for education and entertainment, the internet enables users to learn about virtually any topic in education or entertainment, search information or play an infinite number of online games with other users....
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