Is English an Universal Language?

Topics: ABN AMRO, Communication, Linguistics Pages: 2 (745 words) Published: September 24, 2008
English is one of the most widely used languages in today's world and has a great impact on a successful career. Due to rapid modernization and westernization, the popularity of the English language has increased. It is internationally used and globally accepted. “English is being recreated every minute of every day, in billions of conversations in every country on earth; in countless books, films, television and radio programs, on the internet—recreated organically: that is, in ways that grow out of its extraordinarily, perhaps incomparably, rich history and flexibility.”(Robert Dessaix, 21/01/2006) English is an integral part of business communication, job opportunities and globalization. Although some say that English is not a commonly used language, statistics prove that increase in business transactions, job opportunities and advancement in globalization are due to the wide influence of the most commonly spoken language, English.

Firstly, English is an effective method to communicate business transactions for a successful career. There are various ways of communication such as verbal and written form. Verbal communication conducted through phone can be used for telemarketing. For example, Ford Motor Company, American Express. ( Call centres in banks also use written form of communication. For example, the ABN AMRO bank, in spite of being a Dutch bank it has established itself in more than 53 countries and it is conducting business transactions in English. ( Written form of communication is also used for a successful career. For example, emails, word documents, snail mails etc. English as a communicative language can be used for international conferences and meetings. It improves the communication skills for the speaker. For example, the international conference about the Finance Infrastructure, to be...
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