Is Empathy an Important Aspect of a Relationship?

Topics: Emotion, Music, Feeling Pages: 3 (952 words) Published: April 25, 2013
Is empathy an important aspect of a relationship?
Each of us makes hundreds of interactions with people each day, but few have meaning. Seeing someone freaking out about the amount homework that they have plus the sport they have that day, or in The Perks of Being a Wallflower, when Charlie finds out the horrible event that happened to Sam that also happened to him, or when musicians write songs about life experiences, a moment of empathy occurs. Empathy ties each of us to that person, or people and leaves a sway of judgment, relief, longing, or comfort towards them. Without empathy, relationships would be so robotic. Without empathy, life would be hardly worth it. As a generation of young people, all we are looking for is another person who understands. In this day and age, empathy rules every connection made.

When the final bell rings for the day, I walk from the main building to my locker in the Annex. The other day while getting my crew things from my locker, I saw a girl on the phone. She was on the brink of tears as she talked angrily into phone. From what I heard, she had homework from every teacher; the most from her math teacher who she was sure hated her, and had field hockey practice in twenty minutes. Her mother was telling her she had to go to her temple to help out, but the girl repeatedly said, “I can’t mom, I already have so much to do.” I felt so bad for her because I knew exactly how she felt. I had crew until five-thirty but wouldn’t get home until 6:15, then had to help my mother with dinner, eat it, and then start my homework. I had math, bio, spanish, marketing, and this essay to worry about. Our parents see that we have all this, but still want us to go above and beyond, doing clubs, being involved in religious events, taking extra dance classes, volunteering, etc. When in reality we much rather be listening to music, going on the internet, or hanging out with friends. Now in high school, everything has become a routine and anything...
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