Is Education Making Kids Less Smart?

Topics: High school, Education, Teacher Pages: 3 (1121 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Is Education Making Kids Less Smart?
More and more studies and articles are coming out every year saying that our education system is plummeting downward and each year it is only getting worse. In particular, it is the nation’s high schools that are falling behind and not a lot of effort is being put forth to change this hopeless and vicious cycle. Most people blame the students saying they are not yet disciplined enough to care about his or her education and others say the teachers are only interested in being there to get their paycheck. The truth is that it is a lack of effort put out by both the students and the teachers. So how are we going to fix this problem and what should we do to improve our education? As part of my investigation to this question, I have reviewed and analyzed two essays that I will introduce to you today. These articles are titled “What High School Is” by Theodore Sizer and “Reforming American High Schools –Why, What, and How” by William R. Daggett. Both of these essays explain and inform you how high school really is and how our education system is failing as a whole. After reading both essays, it raises the question can our high schools be saved from absolute failure?

In “What High School Is” Sizer explores the ideas, thoughts, and reality of what goes on in a student named Mark. Sizer points out some flaws in our education system and he shows how students don’t take their education seriously. The purpose of Sizer’s story is to expose what really goes on in high school and he also tries to enlighten parents of high school students with facts of what his or her child might be doing on a daily basis in school. The author declares that high school is just something that everybody goes through and on many occasions in the story it can be seen that he makes an average high school student sound nonchalant and uninterested in his education. Sizer recalls that “taking subjects in a systematized, conveyer belt way is what one does in high...
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